Ways to make sure your package gets to the place you need! Don’t lose it

Delivery Packages

The world has changed and evolved a lot since those ancient days in the caves, we as humans, have the capacity of create, of evolve, we have conscience of  ourselves and we act according our situations and needs, creating and developing all kind of things that can make our lives easier and more comfortable.


This world we live in, has been very big for many years, and one need has been to make it smaller, and we have achieved that goal, many time ago Jules Verne wrote about travel around the world in eighty days, and when he released his novel, that was fiction  now is reality.


We can travel to very distant destinations in hours, and we can communicate with people who are in different continents through video chat, sending letters is almost something of the past, we also can send and receive packages from and to other cities, even other countries, in few days, so we can say that we really have made our world smaller.

Sending packages, how to make sure they arrive on time and safe


Many time, procedures and technology has passed since the first deliveries of packages, we can send and receive almost anything, from and to friends, family, stores etc., but despite all the modern available resources, our packages can suffer damages, delays, robberies, just like the old times, so what can we do to prevent or minimize that? Next you will get some advices.


  • Many times we want to reuse boxes, that has several risk, first make sure the box is in good condition, second, it is really important to remove the old shipping label, and third check what type of boxes you are allowed to use, because in some places reusing some determines box is forbidden.


  • You really need to find out the exact destination address, with its correspondent zip code, don’t forget this code, sometimes streets with the same name  but different zip code may cause delays or mistakes.


  • Be careful with labels, a high quality label is needed, be sure the printer is in good shape and has enough ink.


  • Use the H-tape method and tape every open border, be sure you use the proper tape, check if the size and material of the used tape.


  • Use more than one box if it’s needed, but completely restrict the movement of the interior box using some cushioning material like crumpled newspaper for example.


  • Check the shipping schedules as well as the holidays in both your country and in the destination country.


  • Many companies have tracking systems, use them, that’s a way to be informed, and if you still anxious you can require a signature as an extra resource.
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