Trying To Send Too Heavy packages? Read These Tips!

Heavy Shipments

In the world of e-commerce, the practice of shipping and sending packages to a destination once a deal is closed has gained more popularity than ever before. But not all packages are that easy to send, there are small ones like pieces of clothing and souvenirs and large ones like a carpet cleaner or even an exercise machine, and of course, the last ones are the most difficult to handle and could be the reason of several headaches. But there’s no reason to be stressed out about, there are many tips you could follow in order to have a nice experience when sending heavy packages.

First of all, you’ve got to take care of the product you’re seeking to send. Do not trust blindly in the couriers in charge of the shipping, pack your product well in order to make its integrity less dependent on the treatment received from the courier workers. How can you do it? Easily, pick the smallest box possible. Sounds a little contradictory, since heavy packages are often large, but it’s nice for you to find a tight box that doesn’t allow too much movement. Once you’ve chosen the right box and filled it with your product and some foam peanuts or cardboard, you’ve got to make sure that box won’t open. If you lack of high quality tape, some hot glue will do the job.

Next up, it’s time to pick the right courier to transport your package. Do a research as extensive as possible, since not all couriers will take care of heavy packages. Some couriers will require you to post your package in a pallet or a crate if it exceeds 25kg of weight. Also, remember that there is no need to make an incredibly large package, not only because it might get too difficult to handle, but packages that exceed 25 kg in weight could be a safety risk for the courier workers. Don’t be afraid to split your main package in two or various smaller ones. This is great for security reasons and for your wallet.

Last, the main tip that will make you feel even more peace once you’ve sent your package is insurance. Heavy packages are often filled with expensive products, so while researching on which courier suits you better; it’s nice to take a look out at the insurance plans. Insurance, of course, will be an extra payment that needs to done in order to minimize the risks of harms. If you own an e-store, your goal is to have satisfied customers that receive a quality product in the best of conditions. A smart move could be including the insurance cost at the product price, so you won’t have to worry about spending of your own money to insure the package. If you’re doing a once in a lifetime shipping, think the same way, having your package damaged is a risk that’s not worth being taken.

Those tips will make you experience less fear while sending heavy packages.


How to transport valuable goods overseas, stay safe!

Transport Valuable Goods Overseas

When planning a trip, a commercial or personal shipment or a move it is important to think carefully about the things of value that will be carried. Most travel experts tell you not to take anything valuable that you cannot afford to lose, that you reduce the tone of the bling and that you keep your clothes and luggage loose, that kind of thing.

that’s all great advice until a traveler has a situation where they really have to carry something valuable and keep it safe while they travel.

Depending on the purpose of your trip, you may have to carry items such as credit cards, money, jewelry, items to sell, expensive equipment such as custom golf clubs or specialized cameras, antiques. The experience compared to sending a package locally is very much different when sending one to another country.

First of all, it is best to entrust the work to a company that has the necessary materials and personnel, so it is best to leave the transport in the hands of professionals accustomed to the transfer of delicate objects.

It is also very important that you consult with your insurance agency or with the same company for this possibility of contracting additional insurance, so that it can cover possible damages and allow you to face the transport of your goods with greater tranquility and full guarantees.

Some moving companies include insurance at their quoted price, but not all do.

If your products are shipped by sea, you will want to make sure that there is some type of marine insurance policy. It does not matter what you want to have a policy that covers the total value of the loss, theft and / or damage to any of your products.


Some tips for moving your expensive possessions can include making sure your company have experience, checking your references and reviews. Before packaging, you should check the list of restricted products in your country. Be sure to work with your agent to document your high-end valuables to show your valuables in their current state.


When the inspector begins to review your articles, be sure to point out your important pieces when you do the tour to get your quote. Make sure your agent has delivered information about your expensive items to employees who will really do the heavy lifting. It is important that they are informed to protect their articles.

Ways to make sure your package gets to the place you need! Don’t lose it

Delivery Packages

The world has changed and evolved a lot since those ancient days in the caves, we as humans, have the capacity of create, of evolve, we have conscience of  ourselves and we act according our situations and needs, creating and developing all kind of things that can make our lives easier and more comfortable.


This world we live in, has been very big for many years, and one need has been to make it smaller, and we have achieved that goal, many time ago Jules Verne wrote about travel around the world in eighty days, and when he released his novel, that was fiction  now is reality.


We can travel to very distant destinations in hours, and we can communicate with people who are in different continents through video chat, sending letters is almost something of the past, we also can send and receive packages from and to other cities, even other countries, in few days, so we can say that we really have made our world smaller.

Sending packages, how to make sure they arrive on time and safe


Many time, procedures and technology has passed since the first deliveries of packages, we can send and receive almost anything, from and to friends, family, stores etc., but despite all the modern available resources, our packages can suffer damages, delays, robberies, just like the old times, so what can we do to prevent or minimize that? Next you will get some advices.


  • Many times we want to reuse boxes, that has several risk, first make sure the box is in good condition, second, it is really important to remove the old shipping label, and third check what type of boxes you are allowed to use, because in some places reusing some determines box is forbidden.


  • You really need to find out the exact destination address, with its correspondent zip code, don’t forget this code, sometimes streets with the same name  but different zip code may cause delays or mistakes.


  • Be careful with labels, a high quality label is needed, be sure the printer is in good shape and has enough ink.


  • Use the H-tape method and tape every open border, be sure you use the proper tape, check if the size and material of the used tape.


  • Use more than one box if it’s needed, but completely restrict the movement of the interior box using some cushioning material like crumpled newspaper for example.


  • Check the shipping schedules as well as the holidays in both your country and in the destination country.


  • Many companies have tracking systems, use them, that’s a way to be informed, and if you still anxious you can require a signature as an extra resource.

What’s the best way to send packages

With the Internet boom, we all think that parcel companies would stop being used. That people would stop sending letters and physical packages but since we have Internet, many of our purchases are made online and we receive them by mail. We also sell things online to our country or even abroad. And we continue to send packages to our relatives, wherever they are in the world.

There is a significant variety of companies that are dedicated to the transportation of products. Choosing the most appropriate one is a task worthy of investigation in order to know all the details: price, waiting time, destination, and volume.

The first thing that must be taken into account is that the price will vary depending on the product that we send. In general, the costs depend on the weight of the product as well as the destination to which we want to send it. The best way to send packages abroad is to make a comparison, to know the company that gives you the best option

Although it may seem incredible to you, if you are going to carry a lot of luggage to a destination it makes up for you to send your bags by courier to check them. You’ll save the fees, plus a lot of time


Choose the most economical options


The fastest and most feature-rich shipping options are never the cheapest. If you need tracking numbers, confirmation of receipt, insurance and other services, the price you will pay to send any item will naturally increase.


The most feature-rich shipping options are never the cheapest. If you need tracking numbers, confirmation of receipt, insurance and other services, the price you will pay to send any item will naturally increase. As a general rule, your best option is to choose the slowest shipping options, and remember that the extra features and services will increase the cost quite quickly (and are usually based on each item).


In the case of larger shipments such as moving, the cheapest option is to make it through a container, by sea. Even if it takes longer, you’ll save yourself some good money

If the shipments you want to make are to another country, what you must do is include the corresponding customs documentation. They serve so that the customs officials working in the country of importation know what the package contains and how much it costs.