Trying To Send Too Heavy packages? Read These Tips!

Heavy Shipments

In the world of e-commerce, the practice of shipping and sending packages to a destination once a deal is closed has gained more popularity than ever before. But not all packages are that easy to send, there are small ones like pieces of clothing and souvenirs and large ones like a carpet cleaner or even an exercise machine, and of course, the last ones are the most difficult to handle and could be the reason of several headaches. But there’s no reason to be stressed out about, there are many tips you could follow in order to have a nice experience when sending heavy packages.

First of all, you’ve got to take care of the product you’re seeking to send. Do not trust blindly in the couriers in charge of the shipping, pack your product well in order to make its integrity less dependent on the treatment received from the courier workers. How can you do it? Easily, pick the smallest box possible. Sounds a little contradictory, since heavy packages are often large, but it’s nice for you to find a tight box that doesn’t allow too much movement. Once you’ve chosen the right box and filled it with your product and some foam peanuts or cardboard, you’ve got to make sure that box won’t open. If you lack of high quality tape, some hot glue will do the job.

Next up, it’s time to pick the right courier to transport your package. Do a research as extensive as possible, since not all couriers will take care of heavy packages. Some couriers will require you to post your package in a pallet or a crate if it exceeds 25kg of weight. Also, remember that there is no need to make an incredibly large package, not only because it might get too difficult to handle, but packages that exceed 25 kg in weight could be a safety risk for the courier workers. Don’t be afraid to split your main package in two or various smaller ones. This is great for security reasons and for your wallet.

Last, the main tip that will make you feel even more peace once you’ve sent your package is insurance. Heavy packages are often filled with expensive products, so while researching on which courier suits you better; it’s nice to take a look out at the insurance plans. Insurance, of course, will be an extra payment that needs to done in order to minimize the risks of harms. If you own an e-store, your goal is to have satisfied customers that receive a quality product in the best of conditions. A smart move could be including the insurance cost at the product price, so you won’t have to worry about spending of your own money to insure the package. If you’re doing a once in a lifetime shipping, think the same way, having your package damaged is a risk that’s not worth being taken.

Those tips will make you experience less fear while sending heavy packages.